Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Another use for your wet bags

As soon as we hit the middle of July it feels like the joys of summer break are fading away. Soon I'll be back to thinking about lesson plans and school supplies. Before I go there, though, as a last hurrah to summer fun I'd like to talk about one of my favorite uses of a wet bag. In our house our wet bags get used the most in the summertime. They are so perfect for throwing in a suitcase or bringing to the pool or beach.

When my daughter heads to camp it is our go to bag to pack. Most recently she attended adventure camp which involved exploring in the woods and tromping through streams. We threw an extra set of clothes and a small towel in her wet bag and then she had a place to throw her muddy things when they returned from their excursion.

In my own shop I have been focusing mostly on wet bags with a dry pocket. These are my personal favorite because there are just so many options for storage. Throw a bathing suit and towel in the large pocket, sunscreen and swim goggles in the front and you're set to go!  The size pictured is a 12" wide by 15" long which I find is the perfect size to fit both a bathing suit and towel. 

I hope that you have a wet bag to use for your summer adventures. Tell me about what's in your wet bag right now!

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